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Science Listening to scientists - a plant scientist talks about water
Why do plants need water? How do different plants cope with a drought?
This ten-minute recording entitled 'science has a use after school' was made for a local radio show. Audio podcasts(tool), of which this is one, replace easily-missed radio shows and keep us informed. Universities also create podcasts, and just some teachers do too, gaining the unusual advantage that a podcast easily gets into a student's music player. Students might also like to think about how they communicate(tool) and making their own podcast.
Video Using digital images and film to enhance communication skills
A DEFT case study with Newman School, Rotherham
This cross curricula(i) case study focusses on Digital Literacy, in particular using E-skills(topic) to: improve communications skills and explore pedagogical approaches for introducing "stealth reading and writing". The outcome of this case study will be an OER showcasing the potential of digital technologies such as video recording and editing for enhancing pupils' communication(tool) skills.

One of the lesson ideas from the case study is available as a separate resource at Making Movies in the Classroom

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