Directed Activities Related to Text (DARTs)

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Developing good pedagogy in using text based activities for learning

About. The resource comprises one 7 page DfES document (drawn from a larger document - see related resources). It highlights a range of Directed Activities Related to Text based on reconstruction (e.g. text & diagram completion), or analysis (e.g. highlighting text). It includes a range of strategies and examples of use, with some activities for teachers to work through.

Pedagogical content. This resource covers a range of Directed Activities Related to Text, highlighting the importance of language(ta) and visualisation(ta) in activities, and their role in active learning(ta) and study skills(topic). (edit)

Resource details
Title Directed Activities Related to Text (DARTs)
Topic Study skills,  CPD
Teaching approach
Learning Objectives

By the end of the document you should have considered some approaches to DARTs in the classroom and related these to your own practice.

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