Unit 6 - Into the future

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This unit reviews the programme, and continues to make connections between the various interactive practices introduced throughout the programme. It also offers an introduction to action research and communities of practice, through which teachers can continually evolve their teaching practice.

6.1 - Programme review and action research
In this session you will learn about:
  • becoming reflective educators
  • teacher leadership
  • lesson study
  • action research

and do some preparation for

  • final portfolios
  • most significant change stories
To meet the learning intentions you will:
  • review the units of study in the OER4Schools programme with a partner, highlighting challenges and successes
  • get items for final portfolio ready for submission
  • do some think/pair/share activities to determine how reflective an educator you are
In this session, you will review the ICT components across the programme, and discuss those.