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Activity icon.png Whole class dialogue (15 min) on follow up activities from last time.

Part A: Did you type your responses to the questionnaire on group work on the Word document and upload it onto the server?

  • How much time did it take for you to type everything?
  • What is your assessment of your typing speed now compared to when you first came for the OER4Schools workshop? (Try thinking in terms of words per minute).

Part B: You planned a group work activity using the Activity Template during the last session. Did you carry out the activity in class? If yes, share your experience by addressing the questions given below:

  • Which aspect of group work did you choose as your agenda (that was also mentioned in the questionnaire for group work)?
  • What was the lesson topic?
  • On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being highest), how would you rate the effectiveness of the aspect of group work? Think in terms of achievement of learning objectives.
  • What changes will you make when you repeat the same activity with another batch of pupils or with another topic?

Part C: Did you carry out a group work activity using EtherPad? If yes, what was your open-ended question?

  • How did your students respond to the activity? Share examples of: students’ discussion within their group, their written responses and their discussion across groups. Will you use EtherPad with the same aspect of group work again? Give reasons for your answer.
  • For the EtherPad activity, were there any instances of the issues that were discussed during the last session such as, bully and free rider effect, learning of every member as a group responsibility etc. (refer to the last session, Unit 3 Session 6, for more issues). How did you resolve these issues? What else can you do to resolve them?