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The Breakthrough to Mathematics, Science and Technology series of study modules introduced some of the key ideas and skills involved in studying mathematics, science, technology and engineering.

Relevant resources

Environment Our Living Environment
Our Living Environment1.png
Wise up on ecology
This study module, an online booklet, deals with the particular ways of thinking about and studying of the environment. It is a useful homework(ta) resource to encourage pupils to engage with key scientific vocabulary(ta) and use their knowledge of the scientific method(ta) to engage with inquiry(ta) learning.
Materials The Material World
Exploring the properties of materials around us.
Designed to encourage active learning(ta), this study module explores the properties of materials from everyday life.
It also involves some simple inquiry(ta) and practical activities using household items.
Measuring Thinking about measurement
How big is it? Thinking about measurement
This module introduces the uses and limitations of measuring size, as well as giving a taste of using distance learning(i) materials for higher education. This resource can serve as a useful revision of various measures, while providing helpful insight into active learning techniques, use of real life examples, the importance of technical language, and the importance of study skills(topic) (such as use of dictionaries, indexes, representation of information, etc.).
Patterns Exploring Pattern
Exploring patterns in mathematics
Each chapter of this tutorial highlights the study skills(topic) required to work through the real world examples and activities given. There are problems to be solved, some of which involve higher order(ta) thinking skills (for example, being asked to correct a set of instructions), and all of which encourage the use of mathematical language(ta) and mathematical thinking(ta). The resource could also be used in class, or as a useful homework(ta) pack.