Stone moving

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DRAFT - This page is not finished! It is here because we like to collaborate on content transparently, and give everybody a chance to comment as content is being developed! So feel free to browse and comment, but bear in mind that this content is evolving!

Stone Moving

  • Activity Outline: Moving stones/classroom activity
  • Instruction Sheet Moving stones/teacher notes written for teachers but could be adapted for students if needed (computer/printer permitting)
  • Note: In the end a template didn't seem to help and in fact complicated things as it is hard to know data set size. teachers will need to be shown how to create a formula using MODE, MEDIAN and AVERAGE and then can create spreadsheets to fit. This way we can also show and suggest the coin/stone/button example but allow them to add any extras that they may want. Other than that, hopefully the instrutions (written by James but based on Wales NGFL) are enough
  • This is an example (rather than a template) File:Mean mode median.xls
  • Alternative activities could involve assorted physicl activities, such as running acorss the room or carring out other activities such as pressups, collecting similar data for analysis.