T-MEDIA video case studies of ICT use

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Multimedia tools for professional development

About. These multimedia tools for professional development present video(i) case studies(i) of secondary teachers using interactive whiteboards(tool) in science, English and history and a data projector, laptops and graphing(tool) software in mathematics. Each resource presents clips from a series of lessons on one topic area but offers more general ideas applicable to using the IWB in other areas, across a range of student ages.

Pedagogical content. The materials aim to stimulate debate and reflection rather than present models of ‘best practice’. They include hyperlinks to video clips from the emerging pedagogical themes, built-in prompts for thinking and discussion, suggested alternative approaches, and analytic commentary from teachers and researchers involved. They illustrate and question how the technologies can be exploited to enhance learning in real classrooms. The resources can be used by individuals or groups of colleagues / student teachers. (edit)

Resource details
Title T-MEDIA video case studies of ICT use
Topic ICT
Learning Objectives

To consider

  • Interactive uses of the interactive whiteboard in science;
  • use of data projector and laptops to support interactive teaching and learning in mathematics.
Format / structure

multimedia resources with built-in professional development activities

Subject [[subject::Graphing(i)| ]][[Category:graphing(i)]]
Age of students / grade
Table of contents
  • 4 video case studies of practice in science, mathematics, English and history
  • a 5th resource including video clips from all four subjects and illustrating cross-cutting pedagogical themes
Additional Resources/material needed

Some downloadable lesson materials are provided

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Other (e.g. time frame)

These resources derived from the T-MEDIA research project carried out at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, by Sara Hennessy & Rosemary Deaney. They were professionally authored by Caret - the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technology, at University of Cambridge.

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