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The page group template assigns two page properties: A "PageGroup" and a weight within that group, allowing the ordering of pages. It also defines the corresponding array.

A typical use would be


However, the page groups are just semantic properties, and can be accesses as such. For instance, OER4S pages use


which creates the PageGroup OER4S, and an associated weight, so that

{{#ask: [[PageGroup::OER4S]]  [[PageGroup_OER4S_Version::Facilitator]]

produces a list of pages:

  1. OER4Schools
  2. OER4Schools/Overview
  3. OER4Schools/Detailed outline
  4. OER4Schools/How to use this resource
  5. OER4Schools/How to run workshops
  6. OER4Schools/Further links
  7. OER4Schools/toc
  8. OER4Schools/Introduction to interactive teaching and the use of ICT
  9. OER4Schools/What is interactive teaching
  10. OER4Schools/Introduction to interactive teaching with ICT
  11. OER4Schools/Activity planning and reflection
  12. OER4Schools/ICTs in interactive teaching
  13. OER4Schools/Effective use of ICT
  14. OER4Schools/Leadership for Learning
  15. OER4Schools/Whole class dialogue and effective questioning
  16. OER4Schools/Introduction to whole class dialogue and effective questioning
  17. OER4Schools/Questioning
  18. OER4Schools/More on questioning
  19. OER4Schools/Concept mapping
  20. OER4Schools/Engaging the community
  21. OER4Schools/Group work
  22. OER4Schools/Group work Same task and different tasks group work
  23. OER4Schools/Supporting reasoning and managing group work
  24. OER4Schools/Mixed pace groupwork with and without ICT
  25. OER4Schools/Talking points and effective group work
  26. OER4Schools/Review of group work
  27. OER4Schools/Designing interactive lesson plans
  28. OER4Schools/Assessment for learning and lesson pacing
  29. OER4Schools/Introduction to Assessment for Learning
  30. OER4Schools/Learning objectives and success criteria
  31. OER4Schools/Formative feedback
  32. OER4Schools/Peer and self-assessment
  33. OER4Schools/Review of AfL and lesson pacing
  34. OER4Schools/Enquiry-based learning and project work
  35. OER4Schools/Introduction to enquiry based learning
  36. OER4Schools/Starting the enquiry based learning process
  37. OER4Schools/Collecting and interpreting information
  38. OER4Schools/Collecting and interpreting information part 2
  39. OER4Schools/Presenting findings of enquiries
  40. OER4Schools/Into the future
  41. OER4Schools/Programme review and action research
  42. OER4Schools/Appendix
  43. OER4Schools/Techniques
  44. OER4Schools/SessionTemplate
  45. OER4Schools/Video
  46. OER4Schools/Induction sessions
  47. OER4Schools/Workshop for school leaders
  48. OER4Schools/Introductory workshop
  49. OER4Schools/eLA2013
  50. OER4Schools/mlw2014
  51. ... further results

For discussion and tests, see Template_talk:PageGroup