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The title of the video

The description of the video

Video/Introduction to Chalimbana Basic School.m4v, http://mws-93306.mws3.csx.cam.ac.uk/wiki/Video/Introduction_to_Chalimbana_Basic_School.m4v,About this video. Duration: 12:34 (watch on YouTube, local play / download options / download from dropbox)

1 Guidance for using this template

Create a sub page of Video (e.g. Video/My video.mp4 and put this text onto it:

|src= youtube id (ideally should not be changed once it's in use)
|name= local file name (should not be changed once it's in use, and in most cases be the same as the video (sub-)page name)
|realtitle=(short)title to be displayed
|title=description (this field was the title, but it's now just the description
|duration=duration of video mm:ss
|series=series (optional, check existing series to find an appropriate one)
|episode=01, 02, ... (optional)
|acknowledgement= ... (possibly use template) ...
|youtubeaccount=oer4schools (or whatever the youtube account name)

You can then place the video onto the wiki by using:

{{: Video/My video.mp4 }}

2 Other notes

The template also populates {{#var:downloadlist}} (similar to Template:File), which you can then use to show a summary of all videos needed for a particular wiki page, e.g.

3 Also see

Category:Video Templates for other video-related templates.

4 To do

  • Should add check: If Video != Video then if Video != {{{name}}} then warning!
  • Also check whether Video/name/text exits, and include it if it does .... should have a switch really, {{: Video/{{{name}}} | style=1 }} or similar. Need to include a style switch above.