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Broadcast live video from school - UStream

Tool Description While USTREAM ( looks like youtube - it is both different and done differently. Its edge is to allow live broadcasting(tool) over the net. For this you need little more than a web camera and microphone. Even more remarkably, this 'video streaming' service allows you to broadcast video(i) directly from a mobile device using a iphone application. Seemingly USTREAM is used by big name broadcasters and home 'lifecasters' alike and is very noticeably supported by advertising. With millions of users, the content is diverse and like all such things, merits a preview before a class dives in. Nevertheless the prospect is that of a school or class having a TV channel to communicate. The USTREAM story is that it was was first used by soldiers to broadcast news back to their families. Short of reporting back from a war zone, your class might broadcast back from your field trip. (edit)

Teaching Approach. Engaging pupils in creating video, and building a narrative(ta) encourages them to think about their language(ta) and explanation skills. They can be used to engage pupils, to revist their explanations, and keep them "on task" through the use of roles and drama(ta) tasks. (edit)

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Title Broadcast live video from school
Topic Video,  Broadcasting
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Web based tool, needing a web camera

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