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QR codes Using QR Codes to Link to Pupil Created Information
Children creating digital resources for use at Magna
This series of lessons provided opportunity for active learning(ta) though the visit to the Science Centre. It enabled the development of E-skills(topic) through the creation of the media and the use of QR codes. It encouraged collaboration(ta) between students, teachers from different subjects, and between the school and the wider community. It also provided a

cross-curricular(subject) opportunity for the development of language(ta). E-safety(topic) was developed through discussion with the students about ensuring that their work was appropriate for a wider audience. It also provided opportunities for whole class(ta) and whole school collaboration(ta) on a project where they were able to share practice(ta) and examples of their work with others.

QR codes Editing Using QR Codes to Engage Children with Learning
QR Hunt.jpg
Children using digital literacy to engage with reading and writing
This lesson idea uses technology to promote active learning(ta) as resources were produced to be located and explored in a public park. The early stage of the activity, involving the creation of the resources by the children, required discussion(ta) involving the whole class(ta). Group talk(ta) was also employed as a strategy, with the children agreeing on a narrative(ta) outline relating to the event. The creation of the online materials encouraged development of e-skills(topic).

The later stages of activity, where the children were looking for clues, required them to ask questions(ta) and to take a collaborative(tool) approach to find a solution, based on the digital texts they found.

QR codes QR codes with Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham
A DEFT case study with Winterhill High School, Rotherham
This cross curricula(i) case study focusses on Digital Literacy, in particular using E-skills(topic) to: support English skills as pupils are writing for a specific audience (exhibition visitors), improve research skills through the process of creating OERs and to gain a better understanding of the use of QR codes for marketing and educational purposes.

One of the lesson ideas from the case study is available as a separate resource at Using QR Codes to Link to Pupil Created Information