Types of Model in Science

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"When you use a model, you should make it clear to pupils that it is a model that you are using."

About. Why is using a range of models effective? When should different models be used? Here is an opportunity for teachers to discuss the use of models to develop understanding. A 6-page document discusses using models at different levels through key stage 3 science. Models for the topic of 'light' are considered in more detail. Extracted from a larger DfES document.

Pedagogical content. This resource provides some examples of the types of models(tool) used in science teaching, their roles, and importance for teaching. (edit)

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Title Different types of model in science
Topic Models
Learning Objectives

In working through this you should explore ways to use models in science lessons, and the practicalities of setting up situations to use them. You should discuss why some models may be more successful than others.

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