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1 Do two rectangles that have the same area also have the same perimeter?

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The following video clips were filmed in October 2011 at Chalimbana Basic School, Chalimbana, Zambia. They are from a Grade 7 lesson on rectangles. The lesson idea is available here: Properties of rectangles - perimeter and area.

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Wiki pageTitleDescriptionDurationSeriesEpisodeProject
Video/Abel Clip 2.m4vWhole class discussion on the meaning of areaAbel questions students on their knowledge and understanding of the concept of area.3:08Video/Abel rectangles02OER4Schools
Video/Abel Clip 3.m4vAbel demonstrates that a circle has perimeterAbel helps students to visualise the concept of perimeter of a circle and uses a cylinder to demonstrate how to calculate it.2:23Video/Abel rectangles03OER4Schools
Video/Abel Clip 4.m4vInstructions for the interactive taskAbel starts with whole class dialogue, giving instructions for starting the investigation. (1:16) Abel then works with one of the groups, clarifying the concepts of area and perimeter, as well as how to work with these in Geogebra. The group is still stuck, and (3:30) Abel solicits helps from other students to help this group, asking them to explain details of Geogebra (relating to perimeter and area). (4:11) Students explore Geogebra through peer learning.4:32Video/Abel rectangles04OER4Schools
Video/New Abel clip 4.m4vStudents collaborate on GeoGebra investigation on area and perimeterIntroduction to group work, then students doing group work. The teacher supports students in group work, but the students find it difficult to follow the teacher's explanations. Towards the end of the clip, the teacher then asks some students to come over, to explain the issue to the group in their own words.6:56Video/Abel rectangles05OER4Schools
Video/Geogebra-group-interaction.m4vGeogebra group workA group of students jointly progress on their task to investigate the relationship between area and perimeter of rectangles.2:03Video/Abel rectangles06OER4Schools
Video/12 13 Abel 2 4 rectangles 1-desktop.m4vFixed area vs a changing perimeterAbel demonstrates the concept of a fixed area vs a changing perimeter.7:9Video/Abel rectangles07OER4Schools
Video/12 13 Abel 2 4 rectangles 2-desktop.m4vStudent shares results of GeoGebra investigationAbel elicits feedback from students about results of GeoGebra investigation on area and perimeter.0:56Video/Abel rectangles08OER4Schools
Video/Abel Clip 5.m4vStudents presenting work on area and perimeterStudents present outcome of findings of GeoGebra investigation on rectangles with the same area but different perimeters.1:21Video/Abel rectangles09OER4Schools
Video/12 13 Abel 2 4 rectangles 3-desktop.m4vHave students changed their mind? Students vote.Students reassess ideas about relationship between between perimeter and area following an investigation.3:26Video/Abel rectangles09OER4Schools
Video/Abel Clip 1.m4vInterview with Abel on GeoGebraIn this interview Abel describes the use of GeoGebra for investigating area and perimeter.0:55Video/Abel rectangles11OER4Schools
Video/Abel Clip 6.m4vInterview on interactivityAbel speaks about the benefits of using interactive teaching in the classroom.1:11Video/Abel rectangles12OER4Schools
Video/12 13 Abel 2 4 rectangles 5-desktop.m4vGroup discussion on the formula for finding area of rectangleAbel questions a group on the formula for area and how to relate it to a rectangle drawn on the netbook.2:24Video/Abel rectangles15OER4Schools