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Set of videos on EBL covering topics ... with teachers ... filmed in October 2012 at Chalimbana Basic School.

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Wiki pageTitleDescriptionDurationSeriesEpisodeProject
Video/Aggie lung capacity.m4vAggie and class explore lung capacity with a hands-on demonstration using a water bottleAggie and her class explore lung capacity and how it varies with height/sex/pulse rate/chest circumference.1:47Video/Aggie Fitness01OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A02.m4vAggie explains activity to measure lung capacityLesson exploring minimum and maximum lung capacity1:59Video/Aggie Fitness02OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A03.m4vClass discussion on methods available for measuring lung capacityAggie and her class discuss types and units of measurements3:01Video/Aggie Fitness03OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A04.m4vGroup work on estimating lung capacityAggie asks groups to make predictions for various quantities related to fitness e.g. lung capacity.2:04Video/Aggie Fitness04OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A05.m4vObservation of small group discussions on lung capacityAggie observes small group work, clarifies task and makes suggestions0:58Video/Aggie Fitness05OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A06.m4vObservation of small group completing lung capacity worksheet togetherSmall group working together to discuss and complete lung capacity worksheet4:35Video/Aggie Fitness06OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A07.m4vSmall group discusses how to measure lung capacity displacementSmall group working together to guess lung capacity displacement1:48Video/Aggie Fitness07OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A08.m4vGroup revises original estimates of lung capacitySmall group decides to adjust their guesses on lung capacity0:51Video/Aggie Fitness08OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A09.m4vSmall group discusses how many millilitres are in a litreSmall group discussion on how many millilitres make up a litre2:36Video/Aggie Fitness09OER4Schools
Video/Aggie Fitness A10.m4vAggie reminds small group that everyone should contributeAggie checks on this small group's progress and reminds them that everyone should contribute to the task of predicting chest circumference: Not only one person should be writing/talking, but they should take it in turns so that everyone gets a chance to write/be listened to.1:36Video/Aggie Fitness10OER4Schools