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This lesson was filmed in October 2011 at Chimwemwe Trust School, Kabanana, Lusaka, Zambia. It shows a Grade 3 lesson on the classification on vertebrates.

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Wiki pageTitleDescriptionDurationSeriesEpisodeProject
Video/Eness vertebrates 1.mp4A brainstorm naming animalsA brainstorm naming animals. Start of lesson: brainstorm with unique contributions, time to think first, no hands up technique.2:43Video/Eness Vertebrates01OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 2.mp4Students hand out blackboardsStudents hand out blackboards themselves (active)1:40Video/Eness Vertebrates02OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 4.mp4Teacher repeats and clarifiesTeacher repeats and clarifies instructions; she illustrates them with nonsense classifications so students do not copy hers2:43Video/Eness Vertebrates04OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 6.mp4Mini-blackboards group workGroupwork using mini-blackboards: group of 5 recording under their own category of ‘animals with no legs’ and interacting as a group3:43Video/Eness Vertebrates06OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 7.mp4Teacher interactionTeacher interacts with group3:46Video/Eness Vertebrates07OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 8.mp4Group presentationGroup presentation: teacher detects error and asks for input from children to verify (rather than ‘telling’); she corrects error with input from class.7:03Video/Eness Vertebrates08OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 9.mp4Are people animals?The children are discussing whether people are animals too. The children initially say that people aren't animals. Through questioning the teacher clarifies the children's understanding of animal and mammal, and the children realise that women are mammals.2:46Video/Eness Vertebrates09OER4Schools
Video/19 Eness 3 vertebrates 10.mp4Is a boy a mammal?Eness leads a discussion on 'Is a boy a mammal?'3:51Video/Eness Vertebrates10OER4Schools
Video/19 Eness 3 vertebrates 11.mp4Fish or mammal?Class explores the question 'Is a whale a fish or a mammal?'4:31Video/Eness Vertebrates11OER4Schools
Video/Eness vertebrates 12.mp4Whole class discussionWhole class discussion of ‘Is a bat a bird?' Teacher sets unresolved problem as homework4:19Video/Eness Vertebrates12OER4Schools