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Wiki pageTitleDescriptionDurationSeriesEpisodeProject
Video/Judith division demo and scoring.m4vDivision demonstration and scoringJudith's lesson: Division demo and scoringVideo/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools
Video/Judith division group talk.m4vGroup discussion on divisionJudith's lesson: Group talk on divisionVideo/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools
Video/Judith division scoring short.m4vDivision scoringJudith's lesson: Division scoring (short clip)0:37Video/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools
Video/Judith interview clip 1 fine.mp3Judith interview clip 1 fine.mp3Video/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools
Video/Judith interview clip 2 fine.mp3Judith interview clip 2 fine.mp3Video/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools
Video/Workshop 21-3 pace groups.m4vReflection on pace groupsReflection on Judith's lesson in the workshop: Pace groups. Note: Since the time of recording this, mixed ability groupings have become a requirement of the Zambian education policy and are not solely something advocated by the OER4Schools programme.3:49Video/Judith DivisionN/AOER4Schools